Supporting our neighbors in the city we love

We’re a group of neighbors helping neighbors. We came together because of our shared concern and care for our community, especially for those who may need additional support for any reason.

Currently, our efforts are focused on responding to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left many people homebound and unable to safely go about daily, essential errands such as grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, laundry, and our efforts span across the 11101 zip code, from the Pulaski Bridge up to Queensbridge Housing.

Our impact so far

10+ households supported this week


700+ seniors reached


52 volunteers

In addition, we understand that physical isolation can be emotionally difficult for many, especially those living alone right now. We have a team that is willing to provide company via phone calls, video chats, and texts to fulfill not only material needs but also emotional needs. We are also extending our support to those who may need to quarantine themselves for public health safety.

Our volunteer base consists of all different backgrounds, expertises, language capacities, and ages. We span across the 11101 zip code, from the Pulaski Bridge up to Queensbridge Housing.

LIC Support works in close collaboration with bordering neighborhood mutual aids and community organizations across Queens, as well.

We are not a formal 501(c)3 entity or a City- or State-affiliated agency. To respond as quickly as possible to the many needs of our neighbors in this moment, we wish to remain flexible and nimble, organically grown from within our community.

We want to offer transparency to our neighbors (contact us with any questions!) and are open to feedback on ways to better serve you and other neighbors in LIC.

If you are able, please consider a donation to our Community Fund. Every dollar donated will be used to help address the most immediate needs of our neighbors during this pandemic.

No matter what you may need, just let us know.

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