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As an informal group of neighbors trying to help neighbors, we were relying mostly on free food pantries and grocery deliveries to help subsidize food costs for folks who are experiencing economic hardship during this time.

However, as more than half of our requests coming in now are for people who are struggling to afford food, we have created the LIC Community Fund. Every dollar generously donated will be used to provide for our most vulnerable neighbors. If you are able, we would be honored for you to consider a donation to this effort.

If you prefer, we also accept donations via Venmo through our team account. You can find us at @LIC-Support.

Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Community Fund?

Unfortunately, the hardest-hit amongst our neighbors are the ones who are most vulnerable to the changes in bureaucracy and support systems. The Community Fund is designed to address the most immediate needs of our neighbors, as quickly as possible.

Some of our neighbors been down to a week's worth of food; dependent on Meals on Wheels or food banks that have limited or shut down services; relying on recently-cut Medicaid benefits; the stories go on.

Our volunteers have been paying out-of-pocket for these expenses whenever they've surfaced, but their generosity doesn't scale to address the many needs of our city. As such, we've launched the Community Fund to position our team to serve direct and instant relief to those who need it.

Why PayPal?

Our neighbors require immediate relief, and platforms designed for fundraising require lengthy withdrawal processes, startup time to launch fundraising efforts, and take significant amounts of any amount raised in processing fees. Our team is using direct payment platforms, such as Paypal, because our neighbors cannot wait days before their support arrives.

What is LIC Support?

We’re a group of neighbors helping neighbors. We came together because of our shared concern and care for our community, especially for those who may need additional support for any reason.

Currently, our efforts are focused on responding to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left many people homebound and unable to safely go about daily, essential errands such as grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, laundry, and our efforts We span across the 11101 zip code, from the Pulaski Bridge up to Queensbridge Housing.

You can learn more details about our grassroots group here.

Can you help answer some other questions?

Of course! Please feel free to get in contact:

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